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Oh Shelala's
Baca dan sila diam !

Tak semua itu indah.


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rindu untuk kau saja
Awk,akhirnya saya kalah...
Kalah dengan perasaan sendiri,yang kian lama saya pendam.
Saya rindu awk sangat
Dan sangat merindui.
Harap awk sihat di sana..
Feels like I'm dying too much because of missing you.
But no worries,Nana always here by my side.

Hoping that one day I'll get the chance to meet you for once.

In Shaa Allah.

Dear panda,
Don't forget me no matter what my dear.You know how I felt for you ?
That for serious.
No jokes,fullstop.
I can see that you're totally stuck with your studies.
Goodluck my Panda.
Rockin your semester ohkay,make your family proud.

Just to let you know,I'll be there at Rawang for a week.
My convocation will be on 16 November and I'll stay until 19.
Might be..

Once I've step Rawang,I know that I'll be missing you
Feels like you're close to me :)
It will be great if we can get the chance to meet up.
But nevermind,I'm not counting too much for that one.

I miss them.
I miss you.

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