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Oh Shelala's
Baca dan sila diam !

Tak semua itu indah.


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Aku rasa itu,Rindu....
Semalam ,aku beranikan diri untuk tweet dia tanpa unmensi namanya.
Like always,he'll respond for it.

Then I'm like, JYEAYHHHHHHH *dancing*

Don't you know how much I've missed you.
Trully a lot. Like a lot ...
This kind of missing makes me felt so weak.
Bcoz,from what I've  seen.
We are no longer texting for a week :( Right ?
Both of us becoming so busy lately. Babbysitter perhaps,again ? Hmm hmm hmm

And I'm trully understand it.
But,here once again,I've felt like. 
There is a gap between us.
Sebab aku tersangat malu nak tegur dia dekat FB ke TWITTER ke lepas dia buat explaination haritu.
Bukan apa,taknak buat dia rasa rimas. Rimas yang teramat.

I know,you'll read my entry one day.
And I want you to know that how much and so so much I miss you :(
Sincerely from me.
Yes you,Muhammad Faizhul Rosli.
Sorry for mentioning your name here.
For sure my "duda" akan terbuntang mata nampak nama ni naik kat entry aku.

Aku tak mampu nak tipu hati ini. 
Akal ini. 
Diri ini. 
Dan yang mengenaliku.

Tak perlu nak tanya kenapa atau mengapa.
Dah ini yang aku rasa.

I won't be hypocrite anymore.
I won't hidden this feeling anymore.
I won't lied to myself.
I won't tortured myself.
I won't let this feeling go away.

Stay. Please....

For sure I'm not begging for you to "accept" me back.
I just want you to stay.

Eventho I'm not so important in your life.
Eventho I'm not the one who always by your side.
Eventho I'm not the one who always cherish your day.
Eventho I'm not the one who you loved most.

But, I'm happy enough because you stay. Right here. With me...

Thanks for always gave me this mini heart attack when we were :
- texting with each other.
- skyping with each other.
- joking with each other.
- making fun of each other

And .......

The smiled that you've gave to me is still the same.
Yes,I'm pretty sure about it.
Still same of you.
That's what you are.