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Oh Shelala's
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Forever 21
Happy Birthday shoutout to myself.
 Now,I'm a big big girl with numbering 21 years old as my age ^^
For those who wished for my birthday,thanks a lot guys. You guys always know how to win my heart.
Much much love from me.
Kiranya this is the first time I'm not celebrating my birthday at Rawang since I moved to that place when I'm on standard 5.

Thanks guys.....

You know what,this time I thought the best birthday ever because one of my wish lists came true..
Yahhh,after 3 years passed...
I got this chances to meet him again.
What a bless feeling ever.

For you sayang : thanks sebab awak muncul balik, cari saya balik, berkawan dengan saya balik. How I missed you shoo and shoo much.  I'm hoping that this time non of us yang HILANG lagi.
I can't ohkayy... Like seriuos.
And the best gift ever is skyping with you for 2 hours. And I really enjoy it :)

Thanks awk.
Now I'm happy forever 21.