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Tak semua itu indah.


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te "Madu"
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ~
Lama betul aku tak menyinggah my baby blog.
Berhabuk sudah *fuhhh fuhhh.
Busy lah lately. Final exam around the corner plus nothing to be shared lately.
Somehow my heart just got a knocked by someone
to story about te " Madu" .
Sounds too sweet right ? ~ngee.
Dear te "Madu" ;
Saya malas nak berdendam dengan awk. Why?
Sbb saya rasa tak berbaloi nak berleter dgn awk.
Plus,it's not ur fault.
Honestly I will put all the blame on him for making you falling in love.
Let say if "sepet" suddenly falling in love w u girl,
I will defenitely "angkat kaki">
Mcm mana aku nak go away if he keeps telling me to"STAY"
with him no matter how shitty we had a fought /
~tell me ?
I do love him and so do you.
Thats why I'm respected on you > because
you're just a girl who needed to be loved by someone :)
Don't worry te "Madu" .
I'm not a little girl who loves to fight along the triangle love.
My age are proud enough to tell that I'm too matured bout love's stuff :p
Clear my dear ?
Once again thanks for being my lovely te "Madu".
At least I've got an experience how it taste like ?
Muncho Gracias :)